Pay only for the functionalities you need with pricing based on the number of features selected and the complexity of the event.


  • Welcome/Intro Module
  • Schedule Module
  • Speakers Module
  • Attendees Module
  • Info Module
  • POI/Maps Module
  • FAQ Module
  • Contact Form Module
  • Urgent Call Module
  • Quick Mail Module
  • Gallery Module
  • Social Networks Module


95 from 95 eur per functionality
  • Lock/Unlock Module
  • Documents Module
  • Abstracts Module
  • Push Notifications Module
  • Sponsors Module
  • Exhibitors Module
  • Session Surveys Module
  • Event Survey Module
  • ChatRoom Module
  • Voting Module
  • Q&A Messaging Module

*If there is something specific that you are looking for (that is not on the list), contact our team and we can discuss it further.

NOTE that the final price is determined both by the number of functionalities and the complexity of the whole event (size, materilas, pictures etc.). 

The agreement includes:

  • use of asappx software license for the agreed period (initially 30 days)
  • 30 days activity of your event within asappx, on our hosting servers, except for Voting and Q&A Modules (7 days)
  • e-mail support with 24hrs response time
  • customization – a choice between 6 different layouts, skin, color code
  • first content upload and agreed number of content refreshes

*30-day app activity period can be extended upon request, without limitations.

The agreement does not include:

  • VAT – which will be charged if applicable, according to present laws and regulations in Croatia/EU
  • manpower costs (fees, travel costs and expenses) in case of eventuall engagement of our staff during your event and/or on event site