General Terms and Conditions on app usage - short version

Ordering asappx for your event represents the rental of a mobile app and implies payment of a usage fee for a mobile application on a one-time/one-event basis only. Under no circumstances any payment related to mobile app rental can represent any other customer’s right on/over the application, software, or intellectual property related to it.
The standard rental/usage fee for the application covers 30 calendar days of application active life on Google and Apple app stores and the application home server. asappx Provider reserves the right to remove the application from app stores and terminate the application without any prior consent by the client once the paid period (standard or extended) has expired.
In case the client fails to deliver the design and content material (texts, photographs, etc) to asappx Provider within the agreed timeframe (normally 45 days before the event starting date, unless agreed in written otherwise), asappx Provider can not be held responsible for the eventual delay in app publication, and reserves the right to charge for the complete service.
If the content materials will be delivered in formats other than requested, asappx Provider reserves the right to charge additional fees for content reformatting and adjustments needed for app publishing. Formats required by the app platform are text formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, and .xlsx; image formats: .jpg and .png; documents for upload format: .pdf
asappx Provider does not claim any rights to the content provided by the Client or generated by the app users, and cannot be held responsible for it. It is not asappx Provider’s responsibility to obtain approvals for the usage of copyright or in any other way protected material, signs, or graphics which the Client wants to include in the app, and cannot be held responsible for eventual breach of copyright or any other similar rights.
If the Client delivers content material in time and requested formats, it is asappx Provider’s responsibility to submit the app for publishing on the Apple and Google App Stores in time, prepared for free download. Content must be under both Apple and Google app stores General Terms and Conditions, and asappx Provider cannot be held responsible in case Google or Apple approval commission declares the content as offensive, racist, pornographic, or in any other way inappropriate and inadmissible, and therefore rejects to publish the app.
With the acceptance of asappx Provider’s offer/quotation, the Client understands and agrees with the above-mentioned terms, as well as with other general terms and conditions defined in (attached to the quote) document „General Terms and Conditions – Applications“.