Most frequent questions and answers

When we receive from your all necessary event materials, your event app can be ready and live in one week. 

In general, you do not have to worry about that. Our team of experts will gather all relevant information about your event and propose to you a model of the app with the functionalities they find the most useful considering your event type, size, etc. 

But of course – if you find any other functionality interesting, we can include it in the app as well.

The price of any app starts at 790.00 euros – which is the basic version of the app with 12 key functionalities. On that basic version, we add additional functionalities – which ones and how many of them depend on the size of your event, type, and many other factors. The price of each additional functionality starts from 85.00/per functionality.

We do not sell pre-made versions/packages of event apps. We develop each app specifically for that event – but the finished version of the app for you can be ready in just one week.

The process is very simple : 

  1. Schedule an appointment with our Team where you can tell us a little about your event and ask us questions.
  2. Our Team will find the perfect combination of functionalities based on the given information and send you a proposal for the event app for you.
  3. After that, all you have to do is send us the event materials and your app can be ready in one week!

We are a Team of Event Professionals with more than a decade of experience in the Meeting and Events Industry.

We develop modular mobile event apps – which means we customize every app according to our client’s needs and budgets. Our goal is to be able to provide anyone with their own customized app – no matter how big or small their event is – and our special model for developing our product allows us to do exactly that.

The real beauty of asappx is in its modularity – we can combine and add whichever functionalities we find useful for your event and in that way create the most suitable event app for your specific needs. 

We do not offer pre-made versions of the app, but rather tailor each one according to your budget, size of your event, type and many other factors.  

The number one benefit of using asappx at your event is that you get an app with only features that are useful for your event. The whole point of our product is to provide you with the best possible customized version of mobile event app with the features that you and your attendees will actually use, find fun and engaging.

We can pick and add each functionality one by one – and in that way create the most suitable version of the app for you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us