Working in the Meetings and Events Industry for decades, we know our market in depth, and we are aware that mobile event apps are needed and wanted – because the people have embraced the mobile technology as a routine part of their lives, and are used to use their smartphones for… well, in every occasion. But we also know that the budgets just can’t always cope with the extra load of several thousands EUR or USD, what was so far a starting price for a decent mobile event app.

That is why we have set an ambitious target: to develop an app which will be affordable, yet reliable, modern, functional… and above all modular – so our clients won’t have to pay for something they won’t be using. We are proud to say that we have succeeded.

asappx is a fruit of our mutual effort with a developer from the heart of EU. Built on an extremely robust and stabile platform it will cover the needs of any meeting or similar event, fitting almost every budget. With a number of possible layouts and endless design options, every app we build for your event is fully personalized and customized… up to the point of carrying the name of your choice in both app stores !

When we say that asappx  is modular, it means that you will add to your Basic Configuration only the additional functionalities you will really use – no more payments for Packages with features you don’t need.

As a native app, once downloaded asappx will work perfectly even offline. A good part of 25+ already available functionality modules are interactive (Voting/Polling, Q&A messaging, Surveys, Contact Forms, Chat Rooms, MatchMaking…). Basic configuration brings 12 functions – the ones for which we know that are needed on every meeting. 

Choose the functionalities, prepare the materials, and asappx – an event app designed by event professionals, customized for your event, can be in app stores in less than 30 days!

Ask for a demo and a quote!