Tons of functionalities are great... unless you have to pay for something you don't need

Clever, efficient and interactive functionalities are naturally the foundation for any mobile event app which wants to be accepted and successful. What makes the real difference is the way functionalities are selected, managed and monetized.

The Power of the Right Approach

Just as any other serious mobile event app, asappx is built on a rock-solid platform, and it is in a process of continuous development because it has to keep responding to the market needs. Over 25 currently available functionalities are intuitive, useful and engaging, and the number keeps rising. But, our main target is not the "biggest app ever". 
Unlike most app developers, we are not primarily programmers. We are Meetings and Events Professionals since decades, and we know very well what needs to be delivered and how. That is why the functionalities have not been only carefully planned, but also combined in a way an Event Professional prefers. The essentials are put together in Basic Configuration, fitting every event and every budget, while any additional feature - some of which are really attractive - is left for you to choose individually. It's not only „Bells and Whistles“, it's „Modular and Fair“ too.

Home Page*

It all starts with the Home Page, which can be designed with different layouts, so your app can look very formal, but if you like, it can be  cheerfull and fun. In any case asappx will follow the visual identity of your meeting.

As presented in Customization section, we can use one of the 6 available functional layouts, depending not only on client's taste, but also on event's character and the number of functionalities.

Lock/Unlock Module

From the safety point of view, asappx will comply with all regulations including GDPR. Using the Lock module, attendees will be able to access the content only after introducing a password.

Alternativelly, instead of password, we can ask for a QR code scan... Or we can automatically unlock the app once the device is at certain GPS coordinates.

Schedule Module*

Programme is probably the most important part of any event. Module Schedule in asappx is very flexible and elaborated, and every event inside the schedule can be as detailed as you prefer. It can include introduction, sub-events, abstract text, photo (of the speaker or venue), name of the venue or conference room, and even a routable map.

Each of the events can be shared via e-mail or social networks, and in the same time attendees can add selected events to their own individual calendars on their devices.

We can even take Surveys on each session.

Welcome/Intro Module*

With Welcome module you will show your attendees a welcome message, which they will see only once – when they download the app and open it for the first time.

Who doesn't like to be welcomed and greeted?

Speakers Module*

Module Speakers contains the list of speakers, with a possibility of attaching their photo, short biography or CV, and according to speaker’s wishes, their contact details which can include active links.

Module has a Search function, what makes it easy to find a specific person.

Attendees Module*

In a very similar way as in the Speakers Module, using the Attendees Module we can present the attendees to each other, what will surely allow for easier interaction between them.

Attendees can opt between staying anonymous, or they can register in the app and in such way obtain certain benefits, depending on the general app structure and design.

Module has a Search function, what makes it easy to find a specific person.

Sponsors Module

Module Sponsors  contains sponsor’s image or logo, name of the company or institution, its description and contact information - which can contain active links. Sponsors can be grouped and categorized in different ways, and the Main Sponsor of the event can be visually emphasized.

Just as the lists of Speakers and Attendees, Sponsors list is automatically searchable too.


If your event has it’s exhibition part, through Exhibitors module we can present the exhibitors in a very similar way as we presented the sponsors. But, in addition, Exhibitors module can include a floorplan of the exhibition area, which will enable attendees to find the exhibitor easier.

Exhibitors module is searchable too.

POI/Maps Module*

Module POI/Maps  includes the list of Points of Interest, where each location, apart from its description and photo, integrates a Google Map.  Maps are routable, allowing navigation, and therefore solve the problem of attendees „lost” in a city they don’t know well.

POI can also contain the locations which are not directly connected with the event programme – for example the city airport, train station, reserved parkings etc. POI can be used for Destination promotion too, through historical or other important locations, or can be comercially used for promotion of interested restaurants or similar venues.

Info Module*

Module Info offers to the attendees all the general and useful event information, in a form of a text which can contain active links, as well as graphics.

In addition, we can add one-touch-dial buttons for convenient local phone numbers - for example Taxi, hotel information or any other number the organizer would find useful for attendees.

Documents/Materials Module

Module Documents/Materials allows for upload of so far printed meeting materials. Apart from going green, organizer will save serious money in costs related to materials printing, transport to the event venue, distribution to attendees, conference bags costs... And last but not least, it will literally take away a weight from attendees backs.

Official, commercial, scientific or any other documents, as well as PowerPoint presentations, are uploaded in almost ideal PDF format, and can be viewed, shared over social networks or messaging apps, saved to attendee’s preferred cloud, e-mailed... It depends solely on attendee’s interest.

Abstracts Module

In an almost identical way like Documents/Materials, asappx can handle Abstracts too. 

View, share, send, print - all Abstracts in PDF format at one place, if needed even in different categories. 

Urgent Call Module*

We all are well aware that urgent situations on events are rather a rule than an exception, and asappx  is ready for that.

Using the Urgent Call function the attendee’s phone automatically dials the number we have defined for urgent situations. In that way we save incredibly valuable time an attendee in distress might lose in search of the right contact.

Push Notifications Module

With Push Notifications module we - or you yourself if you prefer - can send Push messages to attendees, which will appear on their mobile screens no matter the action being performed with the phone at that instant. Push notification – like change in schedule or call for action - will be sent instantly to your event audience and will be pushed immediately. Please have in mind that due to GDPR Push notifications require the registration of attendees and their consent for receiving them.


Voting Module

Everybody in Meeting Industry knows that Engagement is on of the key words – and elements – for the success of an event, as well as for participant’s satisfaction.

Using the Voting module we allow to our attendess to express their opinion about the subject of Speaker’s interest.  He will ask a question and offer a single or multiple choice answering options, attendees will pick their choice(s), and the result will be visible immediately. Voting can be anonymous even if the participants are registered in the app.

Voting module was developed with LUMI, the world market leader in interactive apps!

Q&A Messaging Module

With Q&A Messaging we are opening the doors of discussion to everybody – even to the ones which are not comfortable speaking in public. Each participant can use the app to send a text question or a message to the Speaker.

The incoming questions/messages can be moderated before publishing.... And „liked” after  being made public.

Q&A Messaging module was developed with LUMI, the world market leader in interactive apps!

Session Survey Module

asappx offers two types of Surveys. The basic Session Survey is normally a set of short surveys used for a quick assesment of the presenter and his/her presentation, what is done by simply awarding 1-5 stars to each.

Attendees can grant a full star or a 1/2 star for expressing their opinion more precisely.

Event Survey Module

Unlike Session Surveys, which normally we have as many as presentations, the Event Survey is only one - but much more detailed.

Along with simple 1-5 stars, it can contain much more complex ways of giving response – choice between offered options, free text input, percentage slider etc. After the event is finished and the responses are collected, asappx generates a database with all the valuable data given by the attendees.

Contact Form Module*

If surveys are just not enough, or if an organizer doesn't want to use it, asappx comes - even in its basic configuration - with a pre-defined Contact Form, which gives your attendees a chance to send to the organizer any comment whatsoever. They can even attach an image or a photo.

FAQ Module*

Module FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – obviously brings the list of questions considered as common or interesting, naturally with answers. 

Pretty valuable if you have a big international meeting!

Gallery Module*

Photos from the last year’s meeting, interesting moments caught on camera from current meeting, all other photos of interest... All of those can be presented through Gallery module, sorted in different ways and folders.

Photos can be managed by attendees - shared, saved and sent - just in the same way like Documents or Abstracts.

Social Networks Module*

As nothing today goes without Facebook or Twitter, asappx naturally has modules which can connect the attendees directly to pages or hashtags on those Social Networks too.

ChatRoom Module

ChatRoom module is one not too „official” addition to the standard app functions, but it brings multiple benefits; it allows a non-formal communication between participants, what elevates the feeling of wide engagement, and subsequently participant’s satisfaction.  Multiple ChatRooms can be set, covering different topics.

MatchMaking Module

Even though asappx  in its standard configuration already makes communication with colleagues and all other event participants easier and more efficient, with MatchMaking the real networking comes to a new life.

Login using Linkedin, Facebook or Google+ profile, set-up your preferences and start the automated filtered search among present colleagues. When you find somebody interesting... just send him/her an internal message!

Check-In / CME Module

Check-In module solves the always interesting matter of CME (Continuos Medical Education) points collection on medical meetings. Registered participant will open the module, select the session he/she is attending, when instructed by the moderator introduce the session specific Check-In code, and the system will automatically generate a database where his/her participation will be noted.

It is even not necessary for participant to be registered in the app, because the module offers the option of manual name input. Check-In can be also used for other purposes too, like Gaming options and similar.

Meet the Organizer Module*

If all the communication ways we have made available to our attendees through the app will not be enough, through the Organizer function we enable them to get in touch with the Organizer in any way he/she will find appropriate, including a routable map.


All modules marked with * are included in the Basic Configuration, starting at 790 EUR/event. You can get more information on the Pricing page. 

The differences in color schemes of the presented screenshots are here on purpose, showing the variety of customization options.