Every event is unique. And so has to be its app.

What asappx differentiates from any other SaaS apps on the market is not only its affordability, but also the amount of ways it is ready to adopt to the type and personality of your event and your attendees. Endless.

Beauty or Functionality?

A good design is not just a question of "looking nice"; beauty is anyhow in the eye of the observer. It is a matter of applying the design which will be serving the function, and which will make the use of asappx comfortable, fast and intuitive - helping you to achieve the real goal of having an event app.
App providers will normally offer you an app design for which they think it suits the general market trends, and in plenty of cases it will be the only one they can or want to deliver. However, we decided to be different and fully flexible, and what is for others "special service", for us represents a Standard thing. Every asappx is customized, and it is up to you to choose how.

Customized Layout

If you choose asappx for your event, you will be able to choose between 6 different layouts with either Vertical or Horizontal Scrolling abbility, as shown below. Which layout will you choose depends on the type of your event and your attendees; here are a few suggestions from the point of view of functionality.

To prevent excessive scrolling and swiping between screens, use the "Tab" layout only if you will use a very limited amount of functionalities. Use"Image", "Text" or "Icons" for no more than 18, and use the "List" or "Slider" for more than 18 functionalities and/or if you want your app to look formal. 


Image Layout


List Layout


Icons Layout


Text Layout


Slider Layout


Tab Layout

H-Scroll (tab)

Customized Skin, Images and Colors

After you have chosen your functional layout, than the real fun starts, because it's time for skins, images and colors.

According to the type of your event we will propose you a selection of appropriate skins, what would make the app look more (or less) formal. Or more (or less) cheerful. After that, you will choose the background photo for the homepage, the background images for the other pages, as well as top images for other pages. Than you will make your choice about the colors (icons, fonts, backgrounds, bars), and up to a certain degree font type too. 

Even if you stick with the regular font - what is a good idea, because the font has to be clean and easy to read - there are tons of different ways your app can look and feel.