A customized event app for less than a 1.000 EUR? Yes, it's possible.

Mobile technology has become an inseparable part of our everyday lives. So why should Mobile Event Apps remain reserved only for big and rich guys? We found the way how to make apps affordable - even the customized ones!

High Performance on Low Budget

When using SaaS - Software as a Service -  the client gets the opportunity to use a very powerful tool,paying just a tiny fraction of its real value – only for the time he will be actually using it. That is today a common business model with serious event apps,  asappx  included.But, what makes asappx different from other similar products is the way we allow our customers to benefit from its modularity.
As experienced Event Professionals, we know what every event app should have - and we've placed all those functionalities under the already fairly priced Basic Configuration. Extras are available but not mandatory, and any specific or more advanced functionality you will order individually - instead of having to order a "package". To keep the affordability, customization and content management will be charged at surprisingly moderate price level

Part 1: Basic Configuration - from 790,00 EUR

The basic configuration is app's foundation, and it has 12 functionalities which are needed for any and every event, no matter its size or type.

Part 2: Additional Modules - from 85,00 EUR

Additional modules are the real beauty of asappx. There are no "premium packages" - with asappx you pay only the functionalities that you really need.

Part 3: App Customization - from 120,00 EUR

Just as there are no two equal events, there are no two equal customization and preparation engagements.

Part 4: Content Management - from 85,00 EUR

Without a good content there is no good app experience. We will manage your content in a professional and prompt way, for a more than moderate price.

What are the fees including? Or not?

Once you order a customized asappx for your event, it is a turn-key arrangement intended to be completely worry-free for you. In terms of prices, everything is as transparent as possible, without hidden costs or any other unpleasant surprises.

How does it work?

In one word - simple. You will of course want to choose the layout and the design, and you will provide us with your materials, but everything is straightforward and always with a human touch. You will never talk to a machine!